Your Care Plan

Dr Zicat will usually see patients at initial consultation in clinic, but will sometimes see you first in casualty in the case of acute injuries. After assessing your situation, he may make recommendation for further imaging studies or investigation.

Once a diagnosis is made, treatment options will be discussed with you, including the likely success of any of those options. After you decide which treatment option you would like to pursue, you will be given information detailing the various risks and benefits of the treatment.

Patients having more major surgery may benefit from consultation with our physician, to help manage other medical issues, such as cardiac or respiratory problems, around the time of your surgery.

Postoperative follow up will be carried out by staff at the hospital, at rehabilitation providers and by Dr Zicat’s team. Dr Zicat’s practice nurse, Louisa, is usually the main contact person in the practice, and Samantha is also available to assist.

During your treatment, Dr Zicat will correspond with your family doctor to help with management of any associated problems that may occur.

  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • Australian Orthopaedic Association
  • Australian Institute of Musculo Skeletal Research
  • Arthroplasty Society Australia